UK/Rhodesia WW2 Pathfinder DFC & Bar Group - Le Sueur R.A.F.V.R.

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Neat 105 Squadron Mosquito Pathfinder D.F.C. and Bar Group to 80373 Bernard Williams Le Sueur R.A.F.V.R.  Le Sueur finished the war as acting Squadron Leader, 105 Pathfinder Squadron. 

Group comes with original citations and invitations to award ceremony post war for bar presentation by Rhodesian Govenor General.

Le Sueur is mentioned in the book 'A Pride of Eagles: A history of the Rhodesian Airforce'.

105 Squadron was tasked with target marking high value targets (radar stations, etc) and were equipted with the revolutionary OBOE radar directional equipment.

Le Sueur and 105 Squadron operated exclusively at night and his citations are a testament and reward for his courage and devotion to duty.

Group worthly of further research.

D.F.C. and bar 100% original and period engraved '1943' and '1945'.  N.E.F.



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