WW1 NZEF POW British war medal Victory medal Certificate group


BWM & VM pair correctgly impressed 29589 PTE J Shepperd NZEF . Comes with original WW1 Service  Certificate ,confirming POW status . Shepperd enlisted in 1916 and travelled to France with the 18th reinforcements . Born on 20/8/91 ,the  5 foot 11 tall Shepperd was an carpenter from Oamaru . One of the "unlucky Otagos " Shepperd was with the 2nd Battalion NZEF entrenching Battalion . On 10/4/18 the entrenching battalion was surrounded from 3 sides , where in an untenable position they surrendered . Shepperd along with 210 other NZers " "went into the bag" . In the same engagement 42 were killed & 148 wounded. Thus being the largest capitulation of kiwis in WW1 . whilst imprisoned at Geflg Dulmer in Germany , Shepperd was put to work in the mines which subsequently impacted on his health . He was repatriated in 1919 . Shepperd had home service in WW2.

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