UK, QSA WW1 trio Barnes



 Group of four; Queen's South Africa Medal 1899 (type 3 reverse) - six clasps- Cape Colony, Tugela Heights, Relief of Ladysmith, Transvaal, Laing' Nek, Orange Free State; 1914-15 star; British War Medal1914-18; Victory medal 1914-19. Lieut E C Barnes Scottish Rif on first medal, Capt E C Barnes 1/19/PJBS on second medal, Capt E C Barnes (sic) on third and fourth medals. FIRST MEDAL ENGRAVED AND RENAMED, remaining medals impressed.

Captain E C Barnes was promoted to Major in 1922 and on retirement was a Lieutenant Colonel.

Together with three pages of photocopied photographs of Major EC Barnes and a pass to State Entry of HRH the Prince of Wales, Saturday 25th February 1922.

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